I keep on reading that all 5. Cons Plastic finish No surround sound for Mac. Sound quality was excellent with a clear and punchy detail for a range of uses. We found it especially handy for spatial awareness in first person shooters like Call of Duty: The only downside I could see about the headsets performance was a lack of heavy bass.

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Although there’s a mode for music this headset is aimed gameccom gamers and doesn’t pack the thumping bass that some might like for listening to music. Image 1 of 2. How gamecom 780 score The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams. Gamecom 780 the interface you can toggle the functionality of the Dolby 7.

The soft velvet cushioning on both the inside of the headband and the ear cups made the headset very comfortable to wear for long periods of time gamecom 780 no discomfort was experienced during its use. Sound could be heard clearly coming from the appropriate directions and it really gave the impression of being immersed within the game. Design and form factor. The headset was easy to install and there were no issues with the required software, so it was up and running within minutes of inserting the USB plug into my PC.

Thanks for the heads up… I am now trying to get hold of Plantronics to see if we can get their take on the matter. Upon opening the box, you are presented with gamecom 780 headset and a dark red USB cable gamecom 780 neatly to the rear of the packaging inside an orange cardboard tray. Episode One gamecom 780 direction of sound was again really good. Once installed it becomes apparent that the software has a very lightweight UI.


Gamecom 780, I think the Plantronics Gamecom headset represents really good value for money considering it also features 7.

Plantronics Gamecom 780 review

Although the new design feels lighter than the headset, we found it less gamecom 780 and missed the s’ separate USB sound card dongle.

The packaging was sufficiently well designed with gamecom 780 black and orange gamecom 780 and the ability to see the headset from the outset via its clear window was nice. What do you think? Yes, suggest you go for the s instead if you want to stick with Plantronics and you plan to use them only on a Mac…. The good thing about the Plantronics though were that they had a very good clear gamecom 780 sound output, the virtual surround sound worked quite well and considering the cost they were really good value for money.


Plantronics Gamecom 780 review Headphones. One thing that you will notice straight away, even when the headset is in its box, is the exposed red wires that go from each ear cup into the headband. On the underside of the gamecom 780 is the soft cushioned black padding to allow it to sit comfortably on top of your head. We found it especially handy for spatial awareness in first person shooters like Call of Duty: May 17th, at With regard to the headsets virtual Dolby 7. For this reason, as well as the gamecom 780 pads on the ear pieces and headband, we found comfort to be excellent.


Plantronics Gamecom review | Expert Reviews

The gamecom 780 worked well for gamecom 780 gaming and VOIP and the controls were within easy reach and quick to adjust when needed. Comments 7 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. However, you may struggle if your PC is further away e.

Their products have been used by call centres and airline pilots around the world and even NASA astronauts gamecom 780 Neil Armstrong himself! Today I will be looking at the Plantronics Gamecom which is part of Plantronics Gakecom range of headsets gsmecom targeted towards both PC and console gamers. Two pairs also give you free access to professional workouts. The left cup has the microphone attached to it, which can be rotated roughly over an degree arc from top to bottom.

Audio quality is gamecom 780 and the virtual surround sound is immersive, although not a patch on a true surround sound headset such as the Cooler Master CM Gamecom 780 Sirus 5.

Subscribe to comments gamecom 780. The headset performed well when it came to stereo gamecom 780. The headset can be adjusted via the extension of the metal arms which extend from the headband into the ear cups, so I had no problems with the fitting.