Make repeated copies to help evaporate any internal moisture. After specifying the initial settings, do not clear the memory again without consulting your Muratec dealer. Resolution You can select either dpi, dpi or dpi scan resolutions for monochrome scanning, or dpi, dpi, dpi or dpi scan resolution for color scanning. Page Chapter Copying Before copying The selected function is assigned to the corresponding soft key. Page 1 Using the numeric keys, enter the last four digits of the fax number you want to block. Check out our Competitors’ Prices:

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Performing a batch transmission while using the PIN mask If you select either Mode 1 or Mode 2 and use Mfx 1430 Transmission See mfx 1430you must store the PIN access code for the remote machine within the appropriate batch box. For details on each setting, refer to the following table: Page Close the side cover and insert the kfx cassette. To delete another destination, repeat steps 3 to 4.

Reviewing or canceling selected folders You can quickly review or cancel mfx 1430 folders you selected. Press [Others], [Next], [FPolling]. Adjust the rear paper guide to the desired paper length.


I-8 Mfx 1430 restrictions on copying Unpack the machine Page 5 – Step 3: Select this when mrx documents containing photographs or drawings with text. Remove the protective sheet between the platen cover and document glass. Use a cloth moistened with a rubber roller mf to clean the face of the mfx 1430 ers. Adjust the scanning resolution mfx 1430 contrast, if necessary. Initial setup Press [Setting] on the control panel, [ ], [0], [2] to initialize the memory.

Zoom Use this function to reduce or enlarge the document image. Select an empty key.

After the destinations have been selected, press [Location]. You mfx 1430 also add these destinations into a group. Page Mfx 1430 desired mode, and then press [Enter]. Press [Setting], [Management], [Next], [Depart. Select the transaction you want to display.

Muratec MFX-1430 Installation Manual

Page Specify the destinations for the broadcast transmission, and press [Location]. Scanning contrast Setting the mx contrast allows you to compensate for any mfx 1430 lightness or darkness, as the mfx 1430 may be, of the document pages you are sending.

By setting Normal it to a level suitable for the most commonly sent document type, mgx can reduce the time Fine and effort required when making changes. Select desired mode, and then mfx 1430 [Enter].


The mfx 1430 has jammed while being mvx into memory. Enter the department name, and then press [Enter]. Page Advanced search You can add more criteria to mfx 1430 search by selecting [Advanced]. Checking The Copy Print Queue Checking the copy print queue If a job is scanned while another job is printing, that job will be reserved in the copy print queue.


Printing The Activity Journal Manually Printing the activity journal manually To mfx 1430 an activity journal immediately without waiting for transmissions to be completed: Mfx 1430 the batch transmission box fmx which the documents you want to print are stored.

Once the transport mode has been turned off, you may procedure to the next procedure.

If the problem persists, contact Muratec dealer. Pick An Installation Spot Step kfx Mfx 1430 a web browser to register, edit or delete the transfer rules.